Its ability to deliver robust results even when challenged by major real estate investment projects has helped Fingen build relationships of trust with important institutional investors, who today have come to rely on the Group to manage new investment capital. Fingen was one of the prime movers of a $300-million partnership of investors from the USA, Italy and Hong Kong that is rolling out the development of luxury retail outlets in China under the ‘Florentia Village’ brand. Italian to the core, Florentia Village outlets focus on quality merchandise, bringing the ‘Bel Paese’ to the Red Dragon of Asia in their elegant and charming Italianate building design, which reproduces the handsome appearance and al fresco atmosphere of historic Italian towns. Leading Italian and global fashion and luxury brands are retail anchor tenants, something which sets RDM’s development apart from the vast majority of other outlet malls currently operating in the Chinese market.


The district is considered as the “corridor between Beijing and Tianjin”, which is identified by the PRC Government as a high-growth area, planned for major residential and commercial centres over the next five years. The Village has a GLA of 48,000 sq m with 198 stores including Burberry, Prada, BottegaVeneta, Gucci and Coach.


The Village is strategically located between China’s first Disneyland, which opened in 2016, and Pudong International Airport in Shanghai. It has a GLA of 45,000 sq m with 177 stores including Gucci, Coach, Michael Kors, Salvatore Ferragamo, Armani and Nike.


The Village is situated at the centre of the Guangzhou-Foshan Metropolitan Area within the Pearl River Delta. It is only 10 minutes away from Guangzhou South Railway Station, which is one of the four largest railway passenger transportation hubs in China. It has a GLA of 42,000 sq m with 178 stores including Armani,Coach, Gap, Michael Kors and Nike.

Florentia Village

The Village is located Northwest of the EzhouCity,within Gedian Economic Technological Development Zone, to the southwest of Wuhan City. The Centre is conveniently located opposite the Gedian-South Railway Station, which is approximately 16 minutes away from Wuhan downtown by high speed train. It has a GLA of 31,000 sq m with 114 stores including Nike, Adidas, Guess.


The Village is conveniently located along key tourism belt in the Northwest of Chengdu. It has a GLA of 35,000 sq m with c. 127 stores.