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RDM is the Fingen Group company that manages the supply of high added-value services ranging from the acquisition and management of assets to those assets' placement on the market. The company operates in the following areas:

- Acquisition. Assessment and feasability study of an investment in every single one of its stages, ranging from the identification of investment opportunities and the definition of the preliminary concept and attendant business plan, to the negotiation, closing and definition of the funds required for acquisition.

- Asset Management. The identification of guidelines for the real estate operation's development potential and coordination of the various stages involved in order to maximise the economic and financial return on the project in each individual operation. This activity also includes the assessment of alternatives to the project, verification of the project's technical and economic and financial feasability and management of the funding process and of the planning process with the support of all the members of the development team; and the coordination and supervision of the Project, Sales & Marketing and Property activities.

- Project Management. The management and coordination of the various stages of the project from planning to execution, including coordination of external professional and supplier activities, of relations with the authorities and of the planning process and attendant permits required for the project. Cost analysis of the project's implementation, management of relations with building firms and suppliers for the tenders, finalisation of the contracts and execution of the work.

- Sales & Marketing Coordination. The supervision and coordination of services relating to sale and rent. The definition and implementation of the marketing strategy.

- Property Management.The implementation, supervision and management of purchase and rent agreements for income-generating properties. The supervision and management of consultancy and administrative, insurance-related, legal and technical activities.