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The Group’s steady, sustainable vision is reflected both in the managerial continuity of a family business that now spans three generations, and in its solid economic growth. Through its subsidiaries and service companies, Fingen currently manages investments of over 2 billion dollars, and in a spirit of dynamic entrepreneurship is committed to constant innovation across its range of activities.


Fingen is an investment firm that manages investments across multiple asset classes, including private equity, real estate, and retail.

As investors with an "industrialist" vision, Fingen aims to generate attractive investment returns by following a patient and disciplined approach, employing high-quality people, pursuing the highest standards of excellence, and aligning our interests with those of all our investment partners.


Fingen was founded by Marcello and Corrado Fratini. Initially the Group operated in the fashion sector, acquiring the licenses of major global brands, but it went on to develop in the fields of real estate, luxury designer outlets and financial investments, thus consolidating its constant growth over the years.


Though still operating mainly in the real estate sector, Fingen builds a portfolio of financial investments inside and outside Italy, through the acquisition of shares and the launch of joint ventures that play to the strengths of the companies it controls.


With its brand-licensing operations reaching the peak of their success, the Group decides to rationalise its fashion activities in order to focus all its energies on the Italian designer outlets and other real estate projects. These include prestigious hospitality developments such as the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze and Palazzo Tornabuoni.


RDM is founded, with a remit to manage the majority of the Group’s real estate investments.


The Group begins to develop luxury designer outlets, in part through joint ventures with leading international companies.


Fingen continues its fashion activities via its own brands and long-term licenses, while expanding into the ἀelds of retail and real estate.


Fingen is founded by Marcello and Corrado Fingen. At ἀrst the Group operates in the fashion sector, acquiring the licenses of major global brands including Calvin Klein, Cotton Belt, Guess and Jean Paul Gaultier.


The Fiorenzo Fratini Association, a not-for-profit body, was established by Corrado and Marcello Fratini to commemorate the figure of their father Fiorenzo and to perpetuate the fundamental values that he stood for such as the family and solidarity.

Thanks to the generous support of companies, entities and individual benefactors, the Fiorenzo Fratini Association manages to provide concrete help in the fields of research, assistance and palliative care for people and families in difficulty. The Association has produced numerous projects to date and has set itself a wealth of goals for the future, its mission being to provide real, tangible, concrete assistance to those who truly need it.