The Fingen Group is one of Italy’s leading retail and real estate companies, with a focus on outlet stores and hospitality. Founded at the end of the 1970s by the Fratini family, its years of experience as an investor in a diverse range of activities, both in Italy and abroad, have fostered impressive knowhow and an unrivalled network outreach.


The Fingen Group has worked in the luxury sector ever since the company’s foundation. This has allowed a family that has always been personally involved in building relationships with the brands it curates to develop a solid network of contacts and connections in the luxury arena.


Fingen’s success is rooted in the professional acumen and business skills of the Fratini family and its managerial staff. It can count on a team of over a hundred experienced staff members in both Europe and Asia, who draw on their talents to foster growth in an environment that fully respects the quality of work, human values and the uniqueness of each territory. The Group also engages with social issues through the Fondazione Fiorenzo Fratini, a foundation which keeps the Fratini family active on the charity front line.