In partnership with Europe’s leading Outlet Village specialist McArthurGlen, Fingen has established itself as the undisputed leader in Italian designer retail development through its five Outlet Villages at Serravalle Scrivia, Castel Romano, Barberino di Mugello, Noventa di Piave and Marcianise. Covering more than 150,000m2, these developments host over 450 tenant retailers and attract upwards of twelve million visitors each year. Thanks to Fingen’s extensive network of contacts within the global retail community, the stores are leased to the most prestigious of luxury fashion brands.


Barberino, FI
Only 30 minutes away from Florence, this Design Outlet conjures up the atmosphere of an ancient Renaissance town. The architecture of the sales space combines traders' requirements with the tradition of the Tuscan workshop, turning a visit here into a unique shopping experience.
GLA: 28,291 sq. mt.
Total no. of sales points: 142
Opened in 2006


Casterl Romano, Rome
A Design Outlet inspired by imperial Rome with a stunning interpretation of its porticoes and colonnades and even a curtain wall, yet with all of the convenient benefits that are the hallmark of every single one of Fingen and McArthurGlen's projects.
GLA: 31,540 sq. mt.
Sales points: 177
Opened: September 2004


Marcianise, CE
The La Reggia Designer Outlet lies 20 kilometres from Naples and only 6 kilometres from Caserta and its splendid Royal Palace. Strategically located in a catchment area attracting millions of tourists and close to the logistical and commercial pole of neighbouring Marcianise, this is one of the most important projects in the south of Italy, in one of the country's most renowned areas of art historical and tourist interest.
GLA: 26,790 sq. mt.
Total no. of sales points: 142
Opened: February 2010


Noventa di Piave, VE
The lavish style of the architecture of Venice and Treviso meets the prestige of the best fashion brands, integrating to perfection in one of the most atmospheric regions of Italy, rich in historical, artistic and tourist interest. The complex is situated by the Noventa di Piave motorway exit on the A4 motorway between Venice and Trieste.
GLA: 29,407 sq. mt.
Total no. of sales points: 176
Opened: September 2008


Serravalle Scrivia, Alessandria
The first Designer Outlet developed by Fingen in partnership with McArthuGlen combines the top quality brands hosted with an architectural design in perfect harmony with local tradition. Situated close to a motorway exit and drawing visitors from well outside its natural territorial boundaries, this outlet has made history.
GLA: 50.377 sq. mt.
Sales points: 252
Opened: 2000